What is SIPS Kinesiology?

A way of gently finding and removing stress from the body and energetic systems so you can be your best self.

Create a dialogue with the body

Identify and remove stress via muscle response testing. Every body is unique and is treated as such.

Balance energy centres

Each level of SIPS correlates to a chakra and a layer of the auric field. SIPS kinesiology resets your relationship with energy.


SIPS creates space for clients and practitioners to learn more about the body and new ways of working with it more effectively.

Class information

Find out what is covered in each workshop and how this can benefit you and your clients

SIPS by Level, 0-8 + workshops

SIPS Kinesiology is one of the most innovative and powerful Kinesiology techniques to be developed in recent years.  It is a brilliant breakthrough that will change your working practices and enhance all your existing clinical Read more…